A touching explanation of Christian Duty

A touching explanation of Christian duty

Christian duty? I always say that I am a Christian and I follow Christ, but what is my Christian duty?

This video, Duty of a Christian, gives a touching explanation of what a Christian is supposed to do as a believer and follower of Christ. Christian duty

Jesus entrusts to you and me the task of  leading others to where He is by upholding our crosses. He Himself carried the cross and He now asks us to do the same. The cross is our mark as Christians. By carrying our crosses faithfully and not giving up, we can let others know that there is a meaning in our crosses and in all these trials that we are going through. And that is, Christ Himself.

Because Jesus Christ is preparing for us an eternal reward, we must not give up. He is giving us the the mission to watch His cross, guard His cross and  be faithful to His cross until the end. By not giving up, we can be the lamp that can give light to our brothers and sisters who are experiencing darkness. We can show the right path to those who are on the crossroads of life. We can be the lifeboat that can save those who are sinking and perishing in the deep waters.

If we await Jesus faithfully and remain strong amidst the winds and storms, we can surely see Jesus again and will be comforted by His embrace. He shall come and raise us up. He shall reward us with everlasting joy – a joy that will vanish all the hardships and pains that we have gone through.

Christian duty means not leaving our cross behind, but allowing it to purify us and make us strong. In this way, we unite ourselves to Jesus and bring more people closer to Him.

A touching explanation of Christian duty

The title of the song played in this animation video is Still” by Hillsong United.

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