A Post-resurrection message:”Go back to Galilee!”

A Post-resurrection message:”Go back to Galilee!”

The gospel today describes a post-resurrection event. After Jesus’ resurrection, he sent an order for the disciples to go back to Galilee.

Galilee as we know, is a very special place where Jesus did his ministry. Galilee is where He cured the sick, cast out evil spirits, taught and preached the kingdom. In Galilee is where He also called people. He called people to be his disciples. He called people to repentance. In this place, many people were known to have left their homes, their father and mother and their work in order to follow Jesus.

In the gospel, Jesus now stands before His disciples in a certain place in Galilee where He asked to meet them. Upon seeing Him, some fell down on the ground in awe and in fear, while some actually doubted. Jesus appeared them and just like the first time, He is there calling them once again to be His disciples. He was appointing them once again for a mission to be one with Him in proclaiming to all nations everything that He had taught them.

Peace be with you

In other accounts, we hear Jesus greeting His disciples with the words, “Peace be with you”. This is Jesus’ very touching way of saying “I have forgiven you and loved you from the beginning. Now, forget the wounds of the past and let us start our friendship anew”.

Jesus was deeply hurt when his disciples left him during the loneliest moment and the most difficult battle in his life. However, He now brings peace and renews His friendship with all of them. He had called them by name. Now, He is calling them again despite their weak tendencies and limitations. He is offering them a fresh start.

Some of the disciples are still confused, in doubt and afraid. Others are maybe still guilty of their unfaithfulness. Nevertheless, Jesus came to exclude no one. Jesus came because He is faithful to His disciples, even though, they wavered in faith, left and denied Him.

Jesus remains faithful to the call He once made. He accepts and welcomes them all again. He even reaffirms and strengthen his friendship with them. He reassures them that He will be with them till the end of time.

God is a faithful caller

All whom God calls, He never forsakes. Instead, He continuously purifies and nourishes. At one point, we will feel so happy, zealous and so free to respond. Another time, we are tested. We feel lonely, pained, afraid and so weak to take any action. This is the time when we should know that God remains the same. He never stops calling us.

We may get confused and wounded along the way but God never changes His mind. We may feel exhausted and our energies all used up but God always keeps an eye on us. Even when we feel we have wept all our tears and suffered so much, God is never absent. 

The God who once showed us his love and of mercy in Galilee is the same God who wants us to go forth now and spread this love and mercy to all.

“Go to Galilee”

But first, we have to go back to Galilee. Galilee is where Jesus touched us, healed us and saved us! And we all have it. Galilee is where we experienced Jesus’ love, joy and compassion fully. Galilee is our moment of miracles and blessings.

The resurrection of Jesus is a joyful event. At this point, all sadness had vanished. The outrage had subsided. The fear had transformed into a stronger faith. This is the moment when we have to continue our mission. But first we have to go back to our own Galilee.

As Jesus had gone through passion and death, and now is resurrected, so we must all rise from all our problems and embrace a new challenge in our life. Let us recall our beautiful encounter with Jesus in Galilee. From there, we can draw new strength to make our new beginning.

Jesus us risen. So must we!

Be reinvigorated! Be renewed!

Death is temporary but fullness of life in Christ is everlasting.

Never lose hope, but be what God had called you to be from the beginning!


Points for Reflection:

Have you accepted Jesus’ offer of a fresh start?

What is your Galilee? What promise did God make with you in Galilee?


A Post-resurrection message:”Go back to Galilee!”


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