One Good Vote Defined by the Catholic Church

One Good Vote


What does One Good Vote mean?

In this video is the definition of One Good Vote by Archbishop Socrates Villegas, DD, of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan in Pangasinan.

“One Good Vote means one intelligent vote. One Good Vote means one discerned vote”.

Do not vote if you did not pray for it. Do not vote if you did not ask God to give light to your vote.

Do not vote if you did not allow your vote to be touched by God,

“because everything touched by God becomes good”one good vote


Election in the Philippines is one big issue that turns the whole country crazy. I do not need to explain why it is a big issue. Election is definitely a big matter, but for some reason, I feel that election is extra special and, shall I say, extra complicated and crucial in the Philippines. And yes, it turns the whole nation crazy because of a mixed up of emotions. Everyone wishes for a change. Everyone desires to see something better. Everyone is fighting for what they deserve as citizens of their beloved nation. Everyone is crazy to live a better and a more beautiful life.

Now a days, every candidate is busy campaigning. Whatever their good or not-so-good intentions are, only God really knows.

Every voter, on the other hand, is getting more confused. Although there may be obvious reasons to choose one candidate over the other, still there is one question that is waiting for an answer.

Is this candidate the right one?


I believe each one knows in his mind whom to vote. There is definitely one particular candidate that wins every voter’s heart, one that stands out among the rest, one in whom every voter puts his hope.

Yes, in the end, each one would cast his vote according to his own discretion, according to his own hopes and aspirations for himself and for his country. Each one can actually put his hope and trust on any particular candidate, but all these, without prayer, is only according to his own human choice and perception.

That is why this One Good Vote video reminds you to pray over your vote, asking God to let His light shine upon your vote.

One Good vote means discerning your vote and letting God be part of the choice that you will make.


“Remember, my dear brothers and sisters, your vote can bring heaven to the Philippines, your vote can also bring hell to the Philippines. Your vote with God becomes good, and if your vote is good, you bring heaven here on earth”

This Election 2016, may the Filipino people cast not only their vote, but their One Good Vote.

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