A Million Ways to Glow: Honor Mary

A Million Ways to Glow: Honor Mary honor mary 5

For us Catholics, the month of May is especially dedicated to Mary, the Queen of May.  We honor Mary because we, Catholics, believe her blessedness as the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and we pray to her to mediate to God for our needs. With gratitude, we look at her role in the history of salvation with much importance and honor her with our love.

The observance of May devotion in honor of Mary begun in Rome, Italy around the year 1739. Today, churches all over the world celebrate the whole month of May to honor Mary in many different ways. Some of these ways are as follows:

May Crowning

May Crowning includes procession and crowning of the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary with flowers. Oftentimes, an image or statue of the Blessed Virgin is crowned with an actual golden crown to signify her being as Queen of Heaven and the Mother of God.

May Crowning is done in parishes, in schools or classrooms, in communities or even at homes. The rite is usually accompanied with prayers, hymns and an act of consecration to our Lady. Traditionally, young girls dressed in white join the procession. The youngest of them carries the crown, whether the one made of flowers or the actual crown, on cushion. The climax of the celebration is when the May Queen, the oldest of the girls, place the crown on the statue.

May Altar

May Altar is usually a family devotion. An altar is set up in the church or at homes with the image of our Lady adorned with candles and flowers. To honor Mary, members of families or the parishioners gather around the altar and pray the rosary daily. They also sing hymns to our Lady and offer fresh flowers everyday.

May devotions

Other May devotions include pilgrimages. The faithful visit churches and shrines dedicated and named after the various titles of Mary. Others also offer prayers and sacrifices in honor of the Blessed Mother. Some commit themselves to a deeper study and reflection of the virtues of Mary, and still others to a more meditative reading of the Sacred Scripture and a more attentive recitation of prayers like the Hail Mary, Hail Holy Queen or the holy rosary

Flores de Mayo

Flores de Mayo, translated as Flowers of May, is particularly celebrated in the Philippines and few other countries. They call it as such because the faithful usually fill the church with flowers. They decorate the altar with beautifully arranged flowers and offer some more every afternoon after they pray and sing hymns in honor of Mary.

The conclusion of the Flores de Mayo devotion is a procession called Santacruzan. Santacruzan dramatizes the finding of the Holy Cross by St. Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine the Great. Young ladies, dressed in their beautiful gowns, depict Queen Helena (Reyna Elena) and other Queens, like Reyna Emperatriz. They enjoy the limelight and considerably fascinate the crowd during the procession.


I am happy to join the parish in celebrating An Evening with Mary. I believe that to honor Mary is one of the million ways to grow in my faith and to glow as a Catholic. Mary is the mother of my Lord and she is my mother too. How could I not love her? 

We have different intentions in calling and praying to our Mother Mary, but the most important thing is to honor her with our love – the love that she deserves for bringing about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, into the world.

To you I give my love, O blessed Mother Mary. You are blessed of all women!

Happy Mothers’ Day!


Honor Mary

A Million Ways to Glow

by Catholic Glow


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