A Million Ways to Glow: Celebrate life!

 A Million Ways to Glow : Celebrate life! 

 Celebrate life because life is beautiful!  celebrate life 3

In this journey called life, we will come across people whose lives will touch ours in a very special way.  These three wonderful people, Rubiah, Jenny and Dr. Quek, are making great impact in others’ lives, including mine. Their lives are definitely the epitome of goodness, gentleness, patience and love.

So, for their birthdays this April, I bought one special cake; special not because it’s a chocolate cake, or because I bought it myself; not also because I had to leave the house earlier than usual to drop by at the cake shop and get it (hhmm! ). But special because the cake is meant for three special people whose lives are truly worth celebrating!

Because it is their special day, I made it really special by celebrating it in the simple way I know. The cake was not just to fill their stomach and satisfy their sweet tooth, but to let them know they are so special each in their own unique way! I just thank God for the gift of their life!


Life is just so beautiful!

Acknowledging the beautiful lives around me is acknowledging God who gave them all to me. Not by any kind of magic, fate, accident or coincidence does God work. But He works according to His own will and design, so that one life could touch the other and add some color and flavor to each one’s journey. I believe in God’s unfathomable purpose for bringing people together at one place and at one time!

Yes, their faith are different from mine, their culture, their race, their character, even their temperaments. But if there’s one thing that unites them to me and me to them, is this beautiful thing called life! A life that is from God, a life that is full of marvels and miracles. And this we all should know… everything that comes from God is beautiful and worth celebrating!

On this special occasion of their birthdays, I thank God for them and I celebrate the gift of their life which they are joyfully sharing with me!

And though I know that no cake can describe the wonderful people that they are, I express my joy and shout to the world, life is just so beautiful with these beautiful people around!


(At Unity Denticare, Tanjong Pagar Branch, Singapore, Rubiah is our receptionist, Jenny is one of our trained dental assistants and Dr. Quek is the young, handsome dentist whom I assist for about 8 months now. I work with these 3 wonderful people in most days of the week. Not in the photo is Dr. Lee who is camera shy)


Celebrate life!

A Million Ways to Glow

by Catholic Glow

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