Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus (Advent season)

Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus (Advent season) maranatha-7

Maranatha is from two Aramaic words Maran’atha which means the “Lord is comingor  the “Lord comes. Another translation is “Come, Lord Jesus” which is an invitation for the Lord to hasten his coming in this advent season.

Advent comes every year and it is a very special season that I await for. And in this year’s advent season, I choose to express my joyful waiting with the words “MaranathaCome Lord Jesus“.

For more than 30 advents and 30 Christmases that I have had in my life, I guess I have always taken Jesus’ coming for granted. When November comes, or even as early as September, when Christmas countdown starts extraordinarily early in the Philippines, I used to say “Oh yes! Christmas is coming very soon”. Perhaps, like many, I would mindlessly say that indeed Christmas is just around the corner.

I have both feelings of joy and sadness. Joy, because Christmas is coming, but sadness too, because apparently Christmas is going too soon too. It will come and it will surely go again. I must admit, Christmas is an event, a time of the year, that I hold on to only for a while. I welcome it with jubilation, but come January, I gradually lose the Christmas spirit and wave goodbye to the infant Jesus in the manger. Off I go and ‘see you next year my Lord!’ Oh I am so guilty of that!

Change is coming

This advent season, I wish to experience a change. Oh yes, change is coming and it should happen too in my personal and spiritual life, especially this advent season.

In the past, I have taken for granted the coming of my Lord. I have anticipated His coming and unfortunately, His going too… telling myself that yes, He is coming, but no big deal, He is also leaving soon anyway after all the festivities. This attitude is so common. I hear other people express it too by saying “‘Doesn’t matter. Christmas will pass so swiftly. You will wake up the next day and it’s over!”

But for a different and a deeper encounter with my Savior, I resolve this time, not only to wait, but to wholeheartedly invite my Lord Jesus to come into my life. “Maranatha, come Lord Jesus”.

An active waiting

Advent is not a time of passive waiting but an active waiting; a chance to say from one’s heart “Come Lord Jesus”. It’s not a time to just sit down and watch Jesus come. Like longing for a beloved or a dear friend, I will not wait till He comes and appears at my doorsteps, but I myself will invite my Lord and welcome him with all my love. Maranatha, come Lord Jesus!

Advent is a period of waiting for the Lord’s coming and definitely not for His going again. It is welcoming his birth, staying with Him to His death and rejoicing with Him in His glorious return. He will not come and go just like that. If the Lord wishes to leave me on my own again, He would have not come in the first place. His coming is so that He might stay with me forever.

Advent is a sweet period of knowing how the Lord loves me. He who chose to come in the form a little babe in a humble stable. How could I ever think that He will leave me just like that when He has begun to love me from the very beginning of his life?

Advent is a high time to turn away from my sins and come back to my Lord. It is a time to recall how distant I have become from my Lord. How I have made myself a stranger to Him who lovingly wants to know me more deeply and more closely.

Come Lord Jesus and stay!

Advent is a quiet time to pray and ask the Lord Jesus to come and stay.  I am sure that if I deeply long for Jesus, he definitely will come and he definitely will stay. Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus and stay!

This is the crucial part. If I do not keep watch, I will fall into thinking that He has left me again together with the festive spirit of the season. While the truth is, I let the spirit and joys of the season fade in the passing of time. It is I who leave Jesus and go back to my own way and pace of life, forgetting instantly all that happened.

The Church, of course, so faithfully puts it in the liturgical calendar. This is in order to set a time to celebrate the mystery of the incarnation of the Lord as one church. But Jesus’ coming is beyond any time. It is beyond any festivity. He comes to me everyday. He comes to me in many ways.

With this in mind, it is just right to make my Maranatha invitation throughout the year! And so, with a heart longing for my Lord, I begin today and say Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus. Maranatha, Come, my Jesus, and stay”.

Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus!


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A happy and hopeful first Sunday of Advent to all!

God bless. 🙂

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