It took me years. Finally I understand Easter

It took me years. Finally I understand Easter!

Not one or two, but it took me thirteen years… and finally, I understand Easter. 

After I participated in the Easter vigil recently, I have come to understand Easter in these three perspectives:

First, Easter makes me a star!

Even if my journey is a journey with flickering lights all year through, I am a star!

And Eastertime is always the time when my Lord calls me to shine once again!

And I mean to really and gladly shine once again for my Creator!


…the stars shine joyfully at their set times:
when he calls them, they answer, ‘Here we are’;
they gladly shine for their creator.
(Baruch 3:34)
I am a star in the eyes of my Lord, and therefore I need to shine bright!
Even if I may forget, my Lord never forgets, I am a star!
He has bestowed on me the light to bring brightness to the world.
For my Lord, I am a star! For Him, I cannot lose my glow!
My Lord had thrown himself to the outrage of death.
So that I may be freed from the darkness of life.
And He had risen again to raise me up along with Him.
The light that He vested upon me cannot die.
Because He is the source of this light.
It is His very own light. It is Him who is the LIGHT!
And so, in my daily life, I must shine bright because I am His star…
A lovely star that persistently gleams for those who are in the dark.

Second, Easter comes at God’s appointed time

When God says the resurrection of Jesus shall happen three days after his death on the cross,
it will be on that appointed day!
Not one day, not two days, but three days after Jesus’ death.
Sometimes in my life, I wish Easter comes right away. But God says, “Wait”.
 …it is the Lord who speaks and says
“my thoughts are not your thoughts,
my ways not your ways”
(Isaiah 55:8)
Easter is not for me to design – what will take place, when or where it will take place.
It is God’s making. Everything is already in God’s mind.
And His thoughts are not my thoughts. His ways are not my ways.
There is a reason for every pain, as much as there is a reason to rise again.

Darkness comes but the light will certainly shine again.

I may be in gloom but on the appointed day I shall bloom!

God knows all.

He has counted the years, the days, the minutes and the seconds of my existence.

God knows my past, my present, my future and all that there is in between.

He is the author of my life!

I may have big dreams, but God has greater plans!

I may have bright ideas, but God has incredibly perfect project for my life!

I may understand few things, but I definitely cannot fathom all of His design.

His thoughts are not my thoughts!


Third, Easter is a time to leave the tomb


I know that you are seeking Jesus the crucified.
He is not here, for he has been raised just as he said.

(Matthew 28:6)

Easter is the day when my Lord rose from death and came back to life.

He is the Resurrection. He is the Life. He lives again.

And I am my Lord’s follower.

Jesus is no longer in the tomb. Therefore, I, too must not stay in the tomb any longer.

I may have died but now I live again.

Past hurts are many that they have scarred me badly.

Death had struck me when I succumbed to sin, to despair, to a lifeless journey.

But the Master of Life had risen for me. He revived me.

He made me live again.

New life it is! I now live a new life!

And this is Easter – when all of me becomes new.

I look at life with a new vision. I breathe fresh air. I embrace new beginnings.

I submerge myself into new surroundings. I bathe myself with new friendships.

I welcome new buds of success. I take new actions.


A miracle at Easter

During the lighting of the Easter candle, in this year’s Easter vigil, I looked around and saw the people holding their candles.

Everyone was excited to have their candles lighted by the ushers.

I observed that some candle lights were giving light fully. While some candle lights flicker, struggling from the blow of the air-conditioned fans.

Eventually, there was light in every corner of the place.

That was a heavenly view! It was as beautiful as the bright majestic Sun coming down in our midst.

The breath-taking view just made me stop in awe.

I gazed, bewildered at what seemed to be a miracle taking place before me.

The LIGHT OF THE WORLD has come!

The very reason why we begin the liturgy with the lights off is to symbolize our eager waiting for the coming of the Light of the world!

And the LIGHT OF THE WORLD has truly come!



It took me years. Finally I understand Easter!

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God bless!

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