How humility can bring you to the Triumph of the Cross

How humility can bring you to the Triumph of the Cross

How humility can bring you to the triumph of the cross? Learn from the Kenosis of Christ: A Lesson on Humility (Philippians 2:1-11)

St. Paul, in his beautiful letter to the Philippians, made it clear that nothing can make one strong in spirit, firm in pursuit for holiness and joyful and sincere in his actions, but a life lived in the imitation of the humility of Christ.

Jesus Christ, though He was God, has forgotten all the power, rights and privileges due Him.

Though He was a Master, he took the duties of a slave, giving up all he has to offer his precious life. He did this in loving service both to the sinners and the righteous.

Jesus, though He was a King, chose to walk the sordid path of the cross over the royal and grandiose aisles of the palace.

Indeed, Jesus Christ’s greatness is in His humility – a humility that is founded on and deeply rooted in love.


St. Paul exhorts and challenges us as he did to the Philippians to live a life of humility that is rooted in charity.

If love can conquer all, so too can humility conquer every kind of pride, fear, anger, envy and jealousy.

If love can conquer all, so too can humility conquer all sorts of self-exaltation and self-rejection. Humility can conquer all our attachments, anxieties, tiredness and woundedness.


Humility tames every anger. It makes us admit that things or people are not perfect, and that there is no way we can make them perfect.

Humility dissolves pride. It makes us accept that in ourselves, we have practically nothing that we can boast about.

Humility drives out envy and jealousy. It clears our understanding that others are not a threat, but a co-journeyer, our companion in every way.

Humility removes all fear. It brings us out to the open and allows us to feel safe and secure in the hands of God. it teaches us how to trust and to put our confidence in Him alone.

Humility casts out all self-exaltation and self-rejection. It leads us to do things not out of boasting or impressing others, but out of generous sharing of our own gifts and of all that we have.

Humility makes us contented of what we can share at the moment and not fret about what we lack. It gives us serenity in situations when we can give only a little portion while others can give more.

Humility teaches us not to reject ourselves when we commit mistakes. Instead, it motivates us to learn from our mistakes and see them as opportunities for growth.

Humility dissolves all sorts of attachments. It makes us realize that when we sift through our life, what remains is only our naked self. We need nothing to live but the breath of God. We can run nowhere but to Him alone. We will find nobody but the simple creatures that we are. From dust we came and to dust we shall return.

Humility soothes all our tiredness and heals all sicknesses of body and spirit. It points us to the ultimate virtue of self-surrender and self-abandonment to God who knows our deepest pains and our deepest needs and longings.

With humility, we now can find rest. For nothing is more soothing than to rest our lives in God. He will hold us dear like nobody else if we allow Him too. We will surely find rest the moment we utter the words “I surrender, Lord”.


Jesus Christ has shown His greatness in his humility. For every follower of him, this is also the way. 

We need not traverse the path of Calvary and die on the cross as he did, but we are called to die to ourselves daily.

We are called to empty ourselves before our Lord and surrender wholeheartedly in humility.


In addition, St. Paul said, we can make our Lord completely happy if we humble ourselves towards one another, looking out for one another’s interest, not just our own, choosing the less and lowly way out of our deep love for one another.

This and only this can bring us, as it did to our Lord, to true greatness and to the triumph of the cross.

How humility can bring you to the Triumph of the Cross

Kenosis of Christ: A Lesson on Humility Philippians 2:1-11


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