Faith hope from the Chinese Bamboo Tree Story

Faith hope from the Chinese bamboo tree story

Faith hope from the Chinese bamboo tree story chinese bamboo 1

The story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree teaches us faith and hope in reaching our dream. Like the farmer in the story who planted and watered the bamboo seeds everyday, although not seeing any life for 5 years, we too must not give up. Even if we do not see visible fruits day after day after day, we must not stop watering the spots where we have planted the seeds of our dreams.

And yes, even if people mock us for doing the same thing repeatedly without seeing any tangible measure of success, we must hold on to our hopes. We must keep the hope that at the end of all our labors, we will see the green sprouts thrusting out of the soil and growing into tall trees.

We must keep the faith, reminding ourselves that the seeds must first grow downward in order to anchor itself more deeply into the soil so it can later provide a strong foundation for the tall tree.

Faith is doing our part -watering the spots daily – and believing that the earth does its part too – nurturing the seed and preparing it to grow into as tall as it should be.

Our life is a journey of faith and hope. We do what needs to be done, faithfully. We labor daily with hope, we do our part and trust in the mighty hand of God who says “I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)”.

The God who gives us the strength and the capability to plant the seed and water it is the same God who can see what lies beneath the earth and who knows when to command the sprouts to come out and greet the beautiful sunlight.

God knows when, where and how to bless the works of our hands. He knows and can do all out of His great love for us. We just have to be faithful and hopeful in the many wonders that God will do in our life. We just have to keep going and going, with unwavering faith and steadfast hope.

Faith, hope from the Chinese bamboo tree story

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