Empowering Busy Catholics: How Can Catholics Create a Good Environment at Work

Empowering Busy Catholics: How Can Catholics Create a Good Environment at Work 

Hey busy Catholics! No matter how busy you are, you express your faith when you create a good environment at your workplace.

Here are some tips on how to create a good, if not an ideal environment in your workplace.

We, busy Catholics are everywhere. The question is how can we, as Catholics with many things to do, and with many flaws and weaknesses, can contribute in making our workplace a place where Jesus’ love and friendship reign all the time?

Well, the truth is, something authentically good can only come from something that is authentically good too.

With good, I mean, the goodness that reflects the goodness of God.

So, I believe a good working environment can only come from the heart of each Catholic who is carrying Jesus in his heart everywhere he goes.

Any Catholic with a good heart can definitely radiate good in his environment and bring out the good in others too.


Here are 7 GOODS that every Catholic must possess in order to create the best environment with his workmates:


  1. GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. If you seriously keep a good relationship with God, it is impossible not to be able to share it to others. A good Catholic knows how to value his relationship with God. Not according to any standard invented and followed blindly by man, but by the standard of love alone. A good Catholic keeps his line connected with God by prayer and by constant reception of the sacraments. For from where and whom can we learn how to be good but from the Source of all good.
  2. GOOD FOCUS. A focus that is not on oneself. Yes, it is right to consider one’s importance, this is having a healthy self-worth. It is necessary to have good relationship with oneself. However, in relation to others at work, the focus should always be outside oneself. The focus is on the good of all or of the majority; what will benefit others more and not what will benefit oneself.
  3. GOOD DISCERNMENT. Good discernment is needed to make good decisions daily. May it be on how you will spend your day at work, how to accomplish your specific duties or how to deal with your colleagues. No one can make your heart and mind discern better than the Holy Spirit. A good discernment comes from constant recourse to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Even in regular staff meetings, you need a good discernment so as to be able to raise a point without offending anyone.
  4. GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF ONESELF. If you know yourself, you definitely know what to give to others in your workplace. You certainly can give your best contributions toward a job well done. I mean not only the literal end-product of a project but you can contribute who you are in the process to accomplish the goals. You can give the “patient you”, the more “considerate you”, the “understanding you”, or the “disciplined you”, to produce the best results. Furthermore, you can share the skills and talents that you have to make the work better.
  5. GOOD BALANCE. Knowing when to laugh and when to get serious. When to crack your jokes and when to discipline. When to do more work and when to pause from work. When to initiate and when to let others do their part. Balance will make you work together with less stress, and with more fun.
  6. GOOD VISION. A positive vision.  Few of your colleagues may feel negative about working, some maybe  dragging themselves to work everyday. As a Catholic at work, you can influence them by keeping a positive attitude and vision. No matter how taxing the daily duties with deadlines to meet, you must remember that challenges are part of work. So, visualizing a good result in every task is important. This is to remain calm even in stressing situations.
  7. GOOD ACTION. The love of a Catholic  should not be kept to oneself. It must be expressed in actions, as Jesus had always done. If you have love and if you are concern about having a good environment at work, you must therefore show it. Your simple acts of love, affirmation and appreciation are very powerful. They can definitely result to a good environment at your workplace. And yes, if you carry a genuinely good heart, it is almost impossible for it not to be seen in your actions.

Go, therefore, and work today with a good heart! You yourself can start and must start creating the best working environment that you desire!

Empowering Busy Catholics: How Can Catholics Create a Good Environment at Work


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 God bless you.

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