Good day and welcome to Catholic Glow! is made to help busy Catholics around the globe to glow at all times. By living a life that inspires others and that lights up the life of another, we all can fulfill our call to take care of our brothers and sisters who are in need.

Because it is a fact that, though, we love our faith and are proud to be Catholics, we are oftentimes limited by our hectic schedule at work and our endless responsibilities at home to go out and serve our brothers and sisters in our community and in our churches..

This website is meant to create ways to help you reach out to others without having to leave your 8-5 job or to skip your duties at home.


This site is for you if…

  • You are a Catholic busy at work and with all your duties everyday
  • Despite your busy schedules you still want to shine your light as a Catholic
  • You are looking for ways to deepen your knowledge of the Catholic faith
  • You want to know how you can serve God without skipping your work
  • You want to get rid of laziness and boredom that keeps you from shining your light as a Catholic
  • You do not want your job to limit your service to others
  • You desire to show the presence of God to all wherever you are and whatever you do


You can start shining your light now! Know the Secrets of a Glowing Catholic!

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We hope for the best for you, fellow busy Catholics!



Blessings be with you,

Jec Domingo

Author and Administrator

Catholic Glow




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