A Million Ways to Glow:Be an angel to somebody

A Million Ways to Glow: Be an angel to somebody


One of a million ways to glow is to be an angel to somebody who is in need… 

Before Christmas, I received a sad news that the driver of my former boss has been going through depression. In that high season of the year, robbers broke into their house and stole a huge amount of money that belongs to the cooperative group in their place. His wife is the treasurer of the said cooperative and was preparing the money for the distribution of the members’ shares. The incident was horrible! It’s unbelievable! The amount taken was roughly PhP 1.8M – an amount more than enough to make someone so depressed. Where to find it and how to return it to the members were just few questions that still await for answers.

Ricky, the driver, is a good man. I knew him for I worked in the same dental company few years back. He has been my boss’ trusted driver for quite a long time, about 15 years. This jolly and cheerful man that we know cried as he was telling the story. Until now, Ricky and the whole family is in deep confusion and sadness. My colleagues described him as looking like a “zombie”. As a loving and responsible husband, he could not bear to see his wife in such a pitiful state. He shares the distressing plight with his wife who had barely slept and ate for the last few weeks since the incident happened.

Angels are everywhere

My boss and her family are helping Ricky with the legal matters. They made sure that the police authorities would undergo a thorough investigation on the incident. Certainly, they will give Ricky some financial help too. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough to cover what was lost.

On the side, there were two more angels – my colleagues, Dr. Annie (a dentist) and Norgie (a dental assistant), who have been in the company for more than 10 years now. They quietly thought of some way to help. For them, Ricky is not just an ordinary driver, but a very a good friend.

So, to help him, they conceived a simple but brilliant idea! They contacted all former and present colleagues, employees and friends of the company, around 60 people in total. With all humility, they asked them for any financial help to be given to Ricky. They called everyone they knew – from the doctors, to the dental assistants, to the laboratory assistants, to the receptionists. They asked every person who can give financial help.

As of now, they are continuously gathering various amounts from various people. They are relentlessly supporting Ricky through this simple gesture. As devout Catholics, they have also offered silent but fervent prayers on his behalf. Yes, they may or may not reach a million pesos in total but the amount they collected would surely give a little relief to the burden that is on Ricky’s shoulders at the moment.

Truly, angels are present everywhere! 


Christmas is a season of angels

Christmas is a season of angels. In this time of the year, angels increase in number and they magnify the message of Christmas – love, care, hope and joy.

Christmas is about being angels announcing the message of Jesus when He came to earth as a little babe.

Christmas is about giving and caring when no one else would.

Christmas is about thinking of others more than oneself, because that is exactly why Jesus was born – to care, to love and to save others!


You are real angels!

Dr. Annie and Norgie thought like angels, and acted like angels.

Dr. Annie and Norgie are real angels.

They have made Christmas real in the life of Ricky and even encouraged others to be angels too.

Thank you Dr. Annie and Norgie! You are indeed angels here on earth.

Thank you for inspiring us to spread our wings and be angels too!

And thank you for making Christmas more meaningful for all of us!

Keep glorifying God by your good deeds! Gloria in excelsis Deo!

Let’s continue to pray for Kuya Ricky!

This song is for you!



A Million Ways to Glow: Be an angel to somebody


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

God bless!



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