12 GIFTS for Catholic friends

12 GIFTS for Catholic Friends gifts for catholic

Here are the “12 GIFTS for Catholic friends!” If you are thinking of gifts to give to your Catholic friends, consider these 12 GIFTS for your Catholic friends. They vary in value, in beauty, in meaning and in the kind of nurturing that they can do to the daily life of your friends.

As a friend, you should be concerned of your friends’ spiritual nourishment. You can therefore give gifts that will truly uplift their souls and express their faith! 

  1. Catholic Books

There are many good as gold books that every Catholic must have, but nothing beats the Bible. The Bible as we know is the Word of God Himself. If your friend doesn’t have his own copy of the bible yet, this is the best gift that you can ever give. On the other hand, if your friend has a bible already, you may check for other books that are essential to a Catholic’s daily life. Choose books that can help your friends in their spiritual journey, instead of stuffs that do not remind them of anything about the beauty of life and faith.

 gifts for catholics thomas greengifts for catholicsgifts for catholics ccc2gifts for catholics handbook of prayersgift books 1gift books 2gift books 3gift books 4


2. Rosary

There are varieties of rosaries you can choose from. The 5-decade or 1-decade rosaries, the birthstone rosaries, or the missionary rosaries. You can check the different types of rosaries. To make it a very personal choice, pick your friends’ favorite color/s and the design that is closely related to their personality and devotions.

Praying the Rosary is a very popular devotion to the Blessed Mother.  Your Catholic friends surely know how to pray the rosary. But in case, you are giving a rosary to friends who are not so familiar with it yet, then you can attach a rosary guide too. 

gifts for catholics rosaryrosary 1 decaderosary birthstone

gift rosary 1






gift rosary 11

gift rosary 9gift rosary 12 



 gift rosary 5gift rosary 8gift rosary 7gift rosary 6


3. Crucifix

The presence of crucifix in a house or in one’s room is a reminder of the presence of Jesus in one’s daily life. You can encourage your friends to keep a life of prayer with a crucifix in their homes. A life close to Jesus is a life that reverence the cross of Christ. Because it is that cross that saved each one from sin.

gift crucifix

gift crucifix 1

gift crucifix 2

gift crucifix 4

gift crucifix 5

crucifix 3crucifix 4crucifix 2

crucifix 6 crucifix 8crucifix 1crucifix 7crucifix 5

4. Statues or Images of Jesus, Mary or the Saints

Almost every Catholic has a special devotion to Jesus, Mary or one of the saints. Statues are not worshiped by Catholics but they serve as the representation of the people depicted by them. Catholics look up to these holy people as their life model. They also consider them their great intercessors in times of their needs. 

There are variety of statues available today. They come in beautiful designs and made from unique materials. You just have to know which of these will delight your friends the most. 


statue holy familystatue sacred heartstatue mama marystatue st piogift st maria gorettistatue st ann



gift our lady of guadalupegift sto ninogift mother of perpetual help gift st anthony paduagift st therese of lisieux


5. Scripture inspired T-SHIRTS and other wearables

Expressing faith to Jesus is always a good thing. You can try various apparel available in the market today. You just have to know your friends’ size and style and go pick one shirt for them. Wearing t-shirts with personalized scripts have been very popular today. If others can express themselves by wearing them, why can’t Catholics express their faith too?


gift tshirt 1gift tshirt 2

gift tshirt 10

gift tshirt 5







gift caps 3

gift caps 2

gift caps 4







6. Home Decors – custom-made, handmade or bought from shops

It is always nice to keep a heavenly touch in our homes. Catholics can express their faith at the same time decorating their houses or bedrooms. There are many stuffs that can remind Catholics of what they believe in. In this way, they also call on to God to bless every corner of their house. 

gift home decor

gift home decor 1

gift home decor last supper

gift home decor 2






7. Jewelries

If we can give diamonds as a gift, why not give jewelries with the signs and designs of your Catholic faith. Your friends will surely keep and treasure these precious gifts. Well, not only because of the preciousness of the material, but because Jesus is engraved in them.


gift necklace

gift necklace 1

gift jewelries 2gift jewelries 4

gift jewelries ring 2

gift jewelries ring

gift jewelries earrings

gift jewelries earrings 1

 gift jewelries ring 1gift jewelries ring 3


8. Key chains

Key chains are best if you are giving gifts to a group of friends. Yes, these are one of the cheapest gifts you can get from the market too. You may want to choose same designs with different colors and texts or simply give a different and unique style for each of your friends. Key chains are best for souvenirs and give-away tokens in various occasions too.

People love to have key chains dangling from their bags or purses. Why? Because these little stuffs are given by special people.

Most of those who travel keep one souvenir from the places they visit. And the most popular souvenirs and gifts they give are key chains. Key chains maybe small but our friends would surely not mind especially if given with love.

gift key chains 2

gift key chains 1

gift key chains

gift key chains 4

gift key chains 8 key chain 1key chain 2gift key chains 7key chain 4gift key chains 6gift key chains 9



  9. Pilgrimage to Church/es  

gift pilgrimage st peters basilica

gift pilgrimage 2

gift pilgrimage 4

gift pilgrimage 6

gift pilgrimage 7








Pilgrimage to local church/es or outside the country is definitely a very special gift for your Catholic friends. This can help them appreciate the Catholic faith that is present in every corner of the world, through the church built upon the faith of its people.

Pilgrimage is a long journey made to some sacred place, e.g church, as an act of religious devotion. Doing a pilgrimage usually goes with some special intentions like thanksgiving, request for healing, atonement for sins or any other spiritual motives. 

Although pilgrimage is meant to entail sacrifice from the pilgrims because of the very long journey, it is also a fun and a memorable experience, especially if you go with a  group.  So, go now and invite/sponsor your friend to a pilgrimage!

Recommended Churches:

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City                                       Our Lady of Manaoag, Pangasinan

Shrine of our Lady of Lourdes, France                                 National Shrine of Padre Pio, Batangas

Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal                                              Barasoain Church, Bulacan

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City



10. Religious courses, training and seminars

A religious course or a short seminar/training is best for your Catholic friends who love to learn more about the Catholic faith. You can sponsor them to attend a weekly course on Psalms or the Gospels (whatever is available), a monthly workshop or any regular courses offered by parishes or religious organizations that you know! You can invite them to listen to enriching talks regularly. Parishes usually offer various seminars for free or for a very minimal donation. Your friends will surely appreciate it if you can walk them through the whole course. You can sit and listen with them as a sign of support. You can also introduce them to the organizers to make them feel more comfortable learning.

gift rel course

gift rel course 1gift rel course 3

gift rel course 6gift rel course 7




11. Retreat/Recollection Invitation

Nourish your friend’s spiritual life through a day of recollection or few days of retreat. These spiritual exercises are definitely beautiful gifts that you can give. You can show your care,  not only for the physical, but also for the spiritual well-being of your friends. Retreats and recollections can be done in group or individually. It is recommended to have a Spiritual guide or director, especially for those who are not so familiar with spiritual exercises such as retreats. Read more about Spiritual retreat HERE.

gift retreat 3

gift retreat 4

gift retreat 1

gift retreat 2













12.  Catholic Apps

Because most of our friends nowadays are online, we can be their online Catholic support by giving them Apps that can nourish their daily life and journey as Catholics.

Click here for the Must-have Catholic Apps and direct the link to your friends right away!

Obviously, you can get most of the apps for FREE!

Just choose the best ones for your friends and there you can start making their daily life more exciting, fun, prayerful and meaningful as Catholics!


12 Gifts for Catholic friends

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